What To Expect at a Mediation

By agreeing to come to mediation you have taken an important step towards resolving your dispute. The goal of the mediation is to reach an agreement that all parties find reasonable and in their best interests

What Happens In A Mediation Session?
Each of you will get a chance to talk about your situation without any interruption. Then there will be an open discussion, and mediators will help you decide what the important issues are. If you reach an agreement the mediations will write it down and make sure it says what you want to say. Each party will sign and receive a copy to take home.

How Much Time Will It Take?
Please set aside two and a half hours for this mediation session. If more time is needed, you and the mediators can schedule another session.

Is this meeting confidential?
Yes. The mediators and Peace Bridges will keep confidential everything you say during the mediation.

At the beginning of the mediation you'll be asked to sign a form that explains that our mediators will not tell anyone, including boards of governance, what happened in the mediation. It also reminds you that mediators are not advocates and cannot give you legal advice or judgment.

Who Will Be There?
Two trained mediators will run the session. The staff will discuss with you who will be invited, and who has agreed to attend. The program does not allow advocates or other representative to be present unless this has been agreed to by all parties and the mediators at least one week prior to the meetings.

How Much Does It Cost?
There is no obligation to pay for the service however the option of offering a donation to allow the service to continue will be discussed at your private interview.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We hope this mediation session will help your situation.