How Our Mediation Services Can Assist You

Peace Bridges aims to help people who have a conflict to manage it in the best way possible. Our first step is to offer you opportunity to discuss your concerns in a private discussion with a trained mediator. From here we can recommend a way to proceed.

What Happens In A Private Discussion?
We give you a chance to share whatever you feel is appropriate about the conflict you are experiencing. Usually one or two mediators will listen to your concerns, explain ways we may be able to assist, and ultimately leave it up to you decide whether Peace Bridges is the best option for you. If not we may make suggestions about other groups able to assist.

Is this meeting confidential?
Yes. The mediators and Peace Bridges will keep confidential everything you say during the private discussion. We will not even tell others that a meeting has taken place unless you give us permission to do so.

How Much Time Will It Take?
Please set aside one and a half hours for the discussion. If more time is needed, you and the mediators can schedule another session.

What happens after a private discussion?
You decide whether or not Peace Bridges can assist you further. Maybe all you needed was a safe place to share your concerns and will not require anything else. If appropriate we may be able to organize a meeting between yourself and the other people you have a conflict with. The aim of a meeting like this is to give everyone equal opportunity to share concerns in a safe environment. Each party would get a chance to talk about the situation without any interruption. Then there would be an open discussion, and mediators would help you decide what the important issues are. Any agreements reached would be noted.

How Much Does It Cost?
Peace Bridges does not charge for an initial meeting, however if mediation goes ahead we may make a recommendation about a donation to assist the service to continue.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Please feel welcome to organize a time to meet for a private discussion if you have not done so already.