What Is Mediation?

About the Mediation Process

- Most mediations don’t progress from one stage to another in sequential fashion. Instead, we move from one type of interaction to another, sometimes jumping and sometimes stepping, as our feelings are heard and our needs met. This includes a description of the types of things you're likely to do during a mediation.

Preparing for the First Session

- While there's no way for us to forecast exactly what will happen during our time together, it is typical to spend a first session mainly "Listening to Each Other" part of the process. It is important to stress that the process is here to support YOU. You are in control of how much and what you talk about. This includes "Think About" questions to help clarify your goals, needs, message, and possible vulnerability factors/triggers.

How Our Mediation Services Can Assist You
- Peace Bridges aims to help people who have a conflict to manage it in the best way possible. Our first step is to offer you opportunity to discuss your concerns in a private discussion with a trained mediator. From here we can recommend a way to proceed.

What to Expect at a Mediation

- By agreeing to come to mediation you have taken an important step towards resolving your dispute. The goal of the mediation is to reach an agreement that all parties find reasonable and in their best interests.